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Frances Collett is a British designer and artist who founded her design business in 2019.

Her design signature of mid-century style forms are fused with softer Scandinavian and French delicate touches, which can be found on large scale prints, stationery and homeware.

Painting, drawing, and photography are the route of all design and planning for Frances.  Designing from the minute that she could hold a pencil, Frances started off her design career in jewellery, becoming a qualified silversmith with the help of The Prince’s Trust. She continued the journey of her love of design in 2012 when she studied fashion design, followed by surface design at UAL. She moved to Bristol to explore its art and design scene, where she founded her design business, specialising in mid-century and Scandi style visuals.

She continues to collaborate with publishers and interior designers worldwide to create eye-catching products, whether it be stand-alone or collective pieces of art.

Currently working alongside a renowned UK based company in the ceramics world, she has designed and transformed mugs into design-led classic work-of-art for the home.

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